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Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Membrane


Manufacturer Asserted

Porous Materials

Diameter : 2 nm


Waste water purification


Sunhan produces Nano-Membrane filters not only for homes(8 inch, 9 inch, 11 inch, 14 inch), but also for commercial purposes such as restaurants(10 inch, 20 inch, and above 20 inch) as well as for the industries purposes (above 4040). Upon requests, Sunhan can custom design other filters to meet customer's specifications.

Hazardous substances reduction

Manufacturer's Description

Sunhan Nanomembrane Filter is the first patented membrane filtration system in Korea, which has been developed by Sunhan based on its exclusive technology. This Nanomembrane Filter has strengthened the advantage and made up for the disadvantage of the existing a reverse osmosis membrane filter(R/O) and a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter(U/F).Sunhan Nanomembrane Filter's micropore, which is approximately 14.2nm, preserves the minerals while filtering out the harmful particles in the water, ensuring cleaner and healthier drinking water. Another benefit is that it is more durable and ,therefore, safer than the U/F filters.
The features of Sunhan Nanomembrane Filters are as follows:1. Ensuring Clean and Healthy Water.While the most commonly used R/O membrane filters completely remove the mineral from the water during the purification, theSunhan Nanomembrane Filters remove only harmful substances, such as bacteria, E.coli and impurities, leaving the mineral in the water during the purification to provide clean and healthy water.
2. Wasting No ResourcesWhile R/O membrane filters waste large quantity of water during the purification, the Sunhan Nanomembrane  Filter do not wastethe water during the purification, and are economical as the purification process is carried out only by a tap water, unlike an R/Omembrane  filter that requires a booster pump for the purification.
3. Safe and StrongWhile adhesives are used to maintain the watertight seal on the R/O and U/F filters commonly available on the market, Sunhan has introduced the thermal setting method with no more than 0.1% of adhesives to achieve the watertight fit of the Nanomembrane  Filter.For the commonly used U/F Filters, a high water pressure (optimum water pressure:2㎏/㎠) and the high level of fatigue easily break fibers, through which the filtered bacteria, impurities and colloid will be returned to the water. A reducing valve shall be used to prevent a high water pressure, if necessary. In contrast, the Sunhan Nanomembrane Filters are very durable to endure a high water pressure up to 6㎏/㎠. Excellent quality of its new concept has already been proved by various organizations.The Sunhan Nanomembrane Filters have increasingly been used as a main filter in may industrial fields.