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Water Purifier


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Purifier


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Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4
Diameter : 2 nm


Waste water purification


- No need electricity, no wastewater, no pump, no tank - Remove heavy metal, sediments, various impurities (dirt, grit, sand, rust) in water. - Preserves the existed minerals in water and add more inorganic minerals for goal healthy body (Ca, K, Na, Mg…) - Remove viruses, bacterials, fungi, clo and chemical materials. - Absorb and remove the undesirable bad taste, make good taste water. - Make small water structure, The body will absorb more easily and more efficiently. - Create Alkaline water with pH 8~8.5 - Capacity is 20~40 LPH depend of water presuade - It is very slim, luxury, can put on eating table. - Installing easily, convenience and quickly. Change water filter is very easy

Anti-bacterial Activity Heavy metals reduction

Manufacturer's Description

◇Size: 131(W) x 336(D) x 340(H) ◇Weight: 3.5kg ◇Capacity: 20~40 LPH
◇Filter system & lifetime: 1. Sediment(3-6 Months, PP membrane & carbon)2.Antibacterial Nano Membrane Filter(8-12 Months, Nano membrane with silver ion )3. Antibacterial Nano Membrane Filter Complex Binchotan Block Filter (12-15 Months, Binchotan block & Water filter)
Sediment Filter •Step 1: Sediment filter: with The high quality micron filter the filter can remove sediments, various impurities(dirt, grit, sand, rust, dust…) in water.
•Step 2: Binchotan ball: white charcoal ball can absorb chlorine, bad smell, odor and harmful organic chemicals.Nano Silver Membrane Filter:
•Step 3: With the membrane filter of a micro-scale pore size 0.01 um and having silver ions are composed on the membrane surface. Remove heavy metal, virus, baterial, fungi, harmful substances as well as residual chlorine. Preserves mineral ingredients.Complex Binchotan Block Filter
•Step 4: Binchotan block filter: white charcoal in block type that increase surface area with water, increase excellent filtration: eliminate chlorine, bad smells, organic compound, trihalonethane (can cause cancer), excellently antibacterials, remove virus.
•Step 5: pH made of 100% materials natural,no chemical. Increase pH, create alkaline water pH 8~8.5,release Ca mineral.
•Step 6: Mineral Ceramic ball: release mineral, dissolved oxygen, negative ion, Make water cluster small, make good taste water.