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Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Treatment System


Manufacturer Asserted

Porous Materials

Diameter : 2 nm


Desalination High salinity sea water applications


* Feed water temperature affects how the system performs and produces. All system performance based on 25°C/77°F feed water temperature. ** Antiscalants or pre-treatment may be required to prevent membrane scale and prolong membrane life. *** Based on a 60% recovery. **** Operating pressure is determined by feed TDS and temperature. ***** Pre-treatment required for chlorine removal of the feed water to prevent membrane damage.

Manufacturer's Description

As our fresh natural water supplies become more scares we turn to other alternatives like sea water desalination. In many places around the world the only water supply is sea water and the need for fresh filtered water is dire. These types of applications are in high demand for a way to treat the water so that it can be used. With new technologies always progressing and with products becoming more eco friendly, such as membranes and pumps to name a few, the energy cost for running a sea water reverse osmosis system is becoming less and less. Water Treatment Specialists has years in expertise and manufacturing of commercial and industrial sea water reverse osmosis systems, desalination systems and watermaker systems for the marine industry.

All of our systems use only the highest quality parts and components that make up our water treatment systems. Our commercial and industrial sea water systems range from 500 – 1,000,000 gallons per day. Each system is designed specific to the water source, application and the overall customers needs. We are also one of the only water treatment companies that offer service programs to our customers, whether it is a system we manufactured or another company manufactured we can service and maintenance the system for you.