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Anisotropic AAO Membranes


Environment Air Remediation

Chemical Filter


Manufacturer Asserted

Porous Alumina

Al2O3 Nanoporous CAS Number : 1344-28-1
Diameter : 2 nm


Anisotropic Monolithic

Manufacturer's Description

Anisotropic Ceramic Membranes from self-organized nanoporous alumina (also known as Anodic Aluminum Oxide or AAO) contain two layers with different pore structure integrated into a monolithic membrane:
– Support Layer –  spans most of the membrane thickness and contains large uniform pores with porosity of up to 50% to provide mechanical strength and high  permeance.– Active Layer – a thin layer of AAO with highly uniform pores to enable highly selective size-based (2 to 100 nm) and other types of separation with very sharp molecular weight cutoff.Anisotropic pore structure supports size-based separation in 2 to 10 nm range, which is unavailable with isotropic AAO membranes, and makes anisotropic membranes suitable for nanofiltration and ultrafiltration applications.
InRedox maintains a wide selection of nanoporous anodic alumina membranes with different sizes, pore diameters and thicknesses in stock for convenient on-line ordering and quick delivery.  AAO membrane holders designed to take full advantage of unique AAO attributes in filtration and separation are also available.
– For use as nanotemplates in nanofabrication or other applications, visit product pages for our AAO  Wafers and Wafer Packs for more information.– If specifications you need are not available in the pull-down menu below for standard products, please review the general range of pore geometries for anodic alumina in the table below and contact us with your requirements.