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Al2O3 • 2SiO2 • 2H2O Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1332-58-7
Diameter : 2 nm


Mechanical Resistance Temperature resistance Oil resistance Chemical resistance Low fuel permeation

Manufacturer's Description

NYCOA offers several engineered nylon materials that are used to manufacture various fluid storage tanks. These tanks are manufactured using rotomolding, blow molding, and injection molding techniques. Nylon materials provide excellent chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance, and low fuel permeation, making them suitable for various fluid storage tanks. NYCOA nylon grades deliver  enhanced performance compared to competitive materials like polyethylene (PE) with  improved resistance to engine fluids, greases, and oils and a higher heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 185°C @ 66 psi. NYCOA’s Roto-Nylon grades can be used in monolayer construction or dual-layer construction with PEX and PE. NYCOA 1700 is a highly specialized grade which is targeted for applications that require secondary operations such as decorative painting and labeling. It exhibits less hazing and delivers improved part aesthetics.
NYCOA 1702 is a high-flow and high-impact grade which has an ARM drop impact of over 100 ft lb. This grade offer the fastest cycle times of any nylon 6 rotomolding grade available in the market today. In blow molding, the vertically extruded tube of melt, called a parison, has to support its own weight before the mold closes and pinches the melt and the final step of blowing the tank. Hence, blow molding grades are distinguished by extremely high melt strength. NYCOA 578 is a high-viscosity grade that offers very high melt strength and is suitable for blow molding rigid articles.
NYCOA 589is an ultra-high viscosity material that is targeted for larger chemical storage tanks and other rigid blow molded articles.
NYCOA 9315 is a very high viscosity grade, reinforced with in-situ polymerized nanoclay. It offer a good balance of properties, such as low permeation and excellent cold-temperature toughness.
NYCOA 2084 is a very high viscosity grade, specifically engineered to offer a good balance of properties such as low permeation and excellent cold-temperature toughness. Injection molding two halves of a tank and welding them together is another way of manufacturing tanks and other hollow articles. Generally, it is the least preferred due to cost.,  However, applications that require high-strength hollow parts such as air-intake manifolds and high-temperature air ducts are molded using this technique.NYCOA 4114 HST is a 14% chopped glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 grade that is suitable for injection molding translucent tanks using injection molding.
NYCOA 5033 HST is a 33% chopped glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 grade used for injection molded translucent tanks.