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Rheology modifier


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Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1302-78-9
Diameter : 2 nm


Use of PANGEL B40 as a rheological additive is recommended in the following applications: Coatings and paints: Epoxy 2K, Urethane, coatings for lower part of car, zinc-rich primers, casting mold, coatings based on oxygenated solvents, nitrocellulose-based varnishes. Printing inks: Those based upon high polarity solvents. Paint strippers: Dichloromethane, DMSO, propylene carbonate EEP (ethyl 3-ethoxypropionate). Sealants and joints: Polyurethane, acrylic. Others: Vinyl plastisol, gel-coat, nail varnish, wash coat alcohols, glycols, esters.
Paint Inks Sealant High polarity systems


PANGEL B40 is particularly recommended to provide thixotropic, suspension and sagging-resistance properties to systems based on alcohol, glycol an ketone type solvents, as well as in mixtures of those with water. PANGEL B40 provides a strongly pseudoplastic character, producing high consistency levels without affecting viscosity during application. It exhibits its high effectiveness as anti-settling additive in formulations with high solid contents. Use of PANGEL B40 has the following advantages against other conventional additives: Coatings and paints: Prevents settling of pigments and fillers; controls sagging without aggravating leveling; high stability during transportation and storage. Printing inks: Improves consistency and prevents settling of pigments. Paint strippers: Improves stability and facilitates stripping action. Sealants and joints: Improves wetting and suspension properties; controls sliding. Others: Control of sagging and dripping; improves stability.

Viscosity Control Anti-settling Thixotropic effect Anti-sagging effect Thickening ability

Manufacturer's Description

PANGEL B40 is a powdered additive with a high thickening and anti-settling capacity for high polarity systems, particularly recommended for systems based on alcohol, glycol an ketone type solvents, as well as in mixtures of those with water.