Registration Date 17 Jan 2018
Revision Date 17 Jan 2018

ET-1 Activated Clay


Environment Water and Wastewater

Water Filtration Media


Manufacturer Asserted


Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1302-78-9
Diameter : 2 nm


Waste water purification Oil-water separator


Removal of highly soluble contaminants Hydrocarbon filtration

Manufacturer's Description

Bentonite Clay, Water Treatment, Organoclay Technologies Providing the Power of Organoclay with Bentonite Clay Water Treatment Technology Products Services Technology Projects Information News About Us Contact Us Home Bentonite Clay Water Treatment Technologies Aqua Technologies of Wyoming is a modified bentonite clay provider setting new standards in economical water treatment , including treatment of produced water and wastewater. With corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in Casper, Wyoming, we specialize in our own bentonite clay based organoclay product called ET-1 Activated Clay. The cornerstone of Aqua Technologies success is ET-1 Activated Clay, the next generation of bentonite based organoclay . Our proprietary modification process transforms high-grade sodium bentonite into a powerful, selective water treatment adsorbent that bonds with hydrocarbons and other contaminants upon contact, locking them inside its molecular structure. ATI's Bentonite Clay Contaminant Lock Technology yields a granular filtration medium capable of adsorbing approximately 70% of its weight in hydrocarbons. Extensive application use and field testing of ET-1 Activated Clay, analyzed by independent laboratories, have demonstrated removal of a wide range of contaminants to non-detectable levels, resulting in discharge water which meets or exceeds typical regulatory requirements. Expert Bentonite Media Optimization The key to successful water treatment and filtration is selecting the right combination of media and hardware. For treatment of hydrocarbons and other organic contaminants, the optimal solution is efficient oil/water separation followed by ET-1, then another process media like carbon for final polishing. Because ET-1 can adsorb up to approximately 70% of its weight in hydrocarbons, its life inside a still bed canister is much longer than that of other process media such as granular activated carbon. When ET-1 is used in conjunction with granular activated carbon, it will greatly extend the life of the carbon by