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Hydrogel BC


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Rheology modifier


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Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1302-78-9
Diameter : 2 nm


High and low pH will lead to dispersion difficulties and long hydration times. If the pH distribution value would be less than 5 or more than 10,5, it's recommended to examine preliminary to make use of. Recommended use of HYDROGEL BC is 0,3 to 1% based on the total system weight.
Paint Sealant Oil-water separator Water-based sealant


Is avaiable now in rapidly dispersing and gelling grade for addition to paint formulation in the mill base. Can easily be dispersed in cold water. Is used in aqueous paint systems to give paint adequate storage stability and the 1) Water (pH: 6,5-8,5 optimum) correct rheology. Is easily welled by water. High shear forces are required to achieve complete required gelation within 5-6 minutes. Small ultimate size of particles High degree disperses in cold and hot water High purity, excellent consistency Not effected by high temperature Not flammable, not toxic Ne pojavljuje se žutilo zavisno od vremena; No yellowness by time Not effected by high shear mixing High gel strenght in water based systems Viscosity of aqueous solutions of HYDROGEL BC increases rapidly with concentrations. Temperature effec The viscosity of HYDROGEL BC solutions changes with temperature, increasing when cooled, decreasing when warmed.

Non-toxic Thermal stability Flame resistance High gel strength

Manufacturer's Description

HYDROGEL BC is a rehological thickener for use as a high quality suspending agent which is used extensively for paints, coatings, sealants, etc.
HYDROGEL BC is a highly beneficated clay based additive which develops unique rhelogical properties in systems based on PVA acyrlic and other aqueous emulsions.
HYDROGEL BC is succesfully used in the preparation of mineral plasters, all exteriour paints, latex systems, water-borne interior paints, water based flexo links, oil-in-water emulsions, polishes, cleaners, ceramic compounds and cosmetics.