Registration Date 18 Jan 2018
Revision Date 18 Jan 2018

Organoclay Water Filtration Media


Environment Water and Wastewater Product Number : DS-200

Water Filtration Media


Manufacturer Asserted


Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1302-78-9
Diameter : 2 nm


• Carbon Black Plants • Wood Processing Plants • Paper and Pulp producing Mills • Firefighting training and academies • Commercial Launderers • Manufacturers of Plastics • Pesticide Producers • Storage tank Cleaning • Shipyards • Other Industrial runoff
Waste water purification


Heavy metals reduction Hydrocarbon Removal Removal of highly soluble contaminants

Manufacturer's Description

To get the best results in treating and filtering water, the right equipment is needed, but the best water filtration media is very important. The DS-200 series of filtration media works best in treatments after an oil and water separation. Then treating heavy metals, organic contaminant and hydrocarbons is easy with the DS-200 series. It is longer lasting than other forms of media, including granular activated carbon, because it can absorb many times its weight in hydrocarbons.
DelSorb sets the standard for water treatment through this DS-200 series Organoclay products which is Zeolite based. Zeolite is a volcanic material with specific characteristics that make it perfect for water filtration. The structure of Zeolite has extensive surface area and the shape is almost like a honeycomb, with open areas within a strong framework. These open frames keep the structure itself intact and prevents it from changing size or shape under different conditions.Furthermore, zeolite molecules naturally absorb harmful contaminants while allowing beneficial materials such as sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium (which are also known electrolytes). This is a perfect fit for water treatment media which seeks to filter out the bad substances and leave the good ones.DelSorb’s Zeolite organoclays in the DS-200 series are leaps and bounds ahead of any other filtration and treatment system. Because of the previously described molecular structure of these organoclays, this filtration media can absorb about 70% of its weight in hydrocarbons. DelSorb’s system has proven to be revolutionary by independent testing agencies. These tests have proven the removal of contaminants to non-detectable levels. And, of course, the filtered water exceeds governmental requirements or other regulations concerning safe water.Another benefit of the DS-200 organoclay water filtration media are reduced costs and increased efficiency due to longer carbon and resin life. Also, it increases efficiency because it can be custom blended for specific uses, or simply used at full strength. The structure does not swell under any conditions, even water exposure, which is a huge benefit. And, this product has the most active ingredients per cubic foot than any other organoclay product. This is truly the most economical and environmentally friendly product available.