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SIXL Ceramic Car KIT Body & Glass & Shampoo (5 Year)


Automotive Maintenance Product Number : SIXL0KIT

Car Wash Kit


Manufacturer Asserted

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9
Diameter : 2 nm


Plastics Glass Painted surfaces


Anti-pollution Hydrophobic

Manufacturer's Description

Content of the SIXL Kit 
250ml SIPR Si-Nano Protect®250ml SIVI Si-Nano Vision®500ml Cleaner 1 Liter Reactivating Pure Shine Shampoo2 Micro TowelsSIPR Si-Nano Protect®  100ml – 3,5oz  (+/- 20 Aplications / 5 Year Protection)
Si-Nano Nano Protect® is an extremely high tech ceramic sealer that is especially designed for water sports protection.
Bonds molecular and semi-permanent onto paint, plastic and chrome surfaces leaving a high gloss and hydrophobic surface behind.This nano layer can also be applied on nano coated cars (where all other maintenance products will be neglected).SIPR its is especially, designed to prevent water spots and act as a protective layer between a paintwork and polluted minerals what attack the paintwork from our polluted environment.SIPR is also very suitable for engine room protection, currently they products used in this field are polymer based, and attract dirt.SIPR can also be used for renewing gloss on interior dashboards.SIPR will last for multiple months 3 times longer lasting in comparison with the best wax.SIVI Si-Nano Vision®  100ml – 3,5oz  (+/- 20 Aplications / 5 Year Clear Vision)
Si-Nano Vision® is an extremely high tech ceramic sealer that is especially designed for car glass and coated glass surfaces,.
Bonds molecular and semi-permanent onto glass surfaces. is super hydrophobic, water get less chance to stick to the glass and by this it enhances overall safety with 30% when driving in raining conditions.A protective layer will last for multiple months.SIVI can also be used as windshield additive in the ratio of 2% 2/100SHRE Reactivating Pure Shine Shampoo (50 washes)
We strongly recommend to use our re-activating shampoo, it reactivates the layer and cleans at the same time, without leaving a film of polymers or colouring chemicals behind. what could eliminate the hydrophobic effect what the Nano Layer provides.
Pure Shine is developed to clean and to re-activate your cars nano-layer in a single and easy step.While washing your car or interior, the advanced formula forms a natural and pure bond with the applied nano- protective layer and refreshes him.Shampoo Nano Pure Shine also contains a high-tech rinsing aid that will leave your car almost completely dry after rinsing it with clean fresh water.