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Food supplement


Wound healing Inflammatory bowel injury

Manufacturer's Description

Propolis which is well known in Indonesia community especially for health supplement and also as medicine for wound healing in either it wound thrush or inflammatory bowel injury, now PT Nanotechherbal Indonesia able to pioneer as Manufacturer of Nano propolis which our product besides does not contain candle or wax also has been dinanokan to be more easily absorbed by the body. Manufacturer of propolis 
is our goal to supply for raw materials of drugs or supplements and also as for beauty standards which this product is 100% herbal ingredients and also has many benefits of it from propolis that can be enjoyed for its own benefits. Herbal medicine tend very in number two right by our society because the more modern era then people tend to take medicine. 
To educate Indonesian people to drink propolis is our duty to recognize what it is nano propolis and its advantages. Not easy to form a society that wants to maintain health by knowing that the benefits and efficacy of propolis sanagt a lot.