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Antiviral face mask for pregnant


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Respiratory Mask




FREE BREATHING Thanks to the nanofiber technology user can easily breathe what makes the mask very comfortable so the asthmatics, old and sick people can use it as well. NO CHEMICALS Some of the current facemasks, respirators or N95 can also capture the viruses but only by using the chemicals agents or nanoparticles of silver what leads to unwanted inhalation of those substances. It is recently proved that often use of those masks can lead to serious health problems. NO AIR LEAKS ReSpimask® is the only one which can effectively protect wearer against the surroundings. It is also because we use special nonirritating adhesive strip in order to secure the perfect face fit. Than no vent gaps along sides or fogging of wearer glasses appear. ReSpimask® protects your entire family … …in the smog …if allergic …if asthmatic …in a waiting room …in the office …in maternity hospital …when cleaning clutter …on a plane …when traveling …when gardening

Virus removal Allergens-free Bacteria removal Anti-dust Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

A new face mask made from nanofiber fabric RESPILON®. Nanofibers create
such a high density that can capture all airborne biological threats as viruses,
bacteria, dust, allergens and smog by the highest possible efficiency. ReSpimask® provides protection from Coronavirus, Ebola and Tuberculosis. Look at our DEALS!