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Anti allergy nano toy - clown


Others Toys and Baby Accessories Product Number : SA_002



Allergens-free Bacteria removal Anti-dust

Manufacturer's Description

Special, hand-made toys with nanofibres that were produced in cooperation with Czech designer Mr. Mrňávek. Nanofibres inside the toy prevent gathering of the dust mites and their allergens in the filling and protect our children from diseases and allergies.


How does our nano toy differ from other toys?

There is nanofibre membrane inside which protects children from dust mites and their allergens that cause allergic reactions and diseases (asthma etc.)

How does nanofibre membrane work?

Imagine nanofibre fabric like a net with holes of the size 80 nm only. The dimensions of the dust mites are about 420,000 nm, the allergen is 1000 nm big, bacteria 100-10 000 nm, virus about 100 nm and scabies 300,000 nm. Thus, they have no chance to pass through the fabric. It is a mechanic barrier, no chemicals.

How can you clean the toy?

You can wipe the toy with a wet cloth. If the toy is dirty it can be washed in a washing machine at 40°C.

Toy size: 15x10 cm