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Nanocotton bed linen 1+1, 140x200, 70x90cm


Textile Home Textile Product Number : NS.11.010

Bed Sheet


Why is Anti Dust Mite Nanocotton so unique? It is the first bed linen that can replace allergy protectors and anti allergy bedding. The material consists of several layers. The functional layer is a nanofiber membrane that ensures full protection against dust mites and their allergens. Another layer is cotton satin, which is manufactured from 100% cotton yarn of the highest quality. Cotton satin is thick and solid structure with a fine glossy surface, it perfectly absorbs moisture and is breathable. Shining colors remain stable after repeated washing. Nanocotton is suitable for all types of bedding including feather one. Is it important to protect myself from dust mites? We spend daily 8 hours (children up to 12) with dust mites in our bed, we provide them food because they feed on human skin, hair, nail remains and we breathe the allergens from a millimeter distance. There can be up to two million dust mites in a mattress, others in a pillow and blanket. Mites and excrements (allergens) do not bring about only allergies, asthma, but also respiratory diseases. Ideal conditions for their life are 22 to 26 °C, lack of light and humidity 60-80%. The greatest number of dust mites can be undoubtedly found in mattresses, blankets and pillows. That is the reason why people allergic to dust mites or more sensitive individuals can not have a rest at night. It affects their mood and attention during the day. How does the nanofibre barrier work? The density of the layer structure of the nanofibres is the most important thing here. The holes of the nanofiber layer have a size of 80 nm only. In contrast, the size of dust mites is approximately 420.000 nm, the allergen is 1000 nm big, bacteria 100-10 000 nm, virus about 100 nm and scabies 300,000 nm. Thus, they have no chance to pass through the fabric. They can not gather in the filler and bring about allergic reactions or respiratory diseases. Both adults and children can feel relief after the first night which has a positive impact on their energy and attention during a day. The effectiveness of nanofiber membrane was tested at Textile Testing Institute in Brno (penetration of microorganisms) and the Technical University in Liberec (penetration of dust particles of size 1μm). The National Institute of Public Health in Prague tested the skin tolerability and possible allergic reactions. Results of testing: - verified detection of microorganisms ≥ 99.0% - proven capture of dust particles ≥ 99.9% - no adverse reactions upon contact with human skin Nanocotton material is a three-layer laminate consisted of: 100% cotton nanofibre membrane 100% polyamid 6 100% polyester

Allergens-free Anti-dust

Manufacturer's Description

First bed linen, which replaces allergy protectors and anti allergy bedding. It is made of cotton satin with nanofibres inside, which prevents the penetration of dust mites and allergens. Allergy person begins to feel relief as early as after the first night sleeping in Nanocotton. Linen is provided with a high quality zipper.