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Allergy Duvet NanoSPACE Comfort Year-Round


Textile Home Textile Product Number : NS.08.002



Allergens-free Anti-dust

Manufacturer's Description

Dustproof duvet nanoSPACE Comfort with nanofibres prevents dust-mites and other allergens from collecting in the filling.

New Comfort nanoSPACE products with microfiber textile surface are very pleasant to touch and suitable not only for allergic persons but mainly for all who care about health and clean home. Use Comfort products and eliminate the amount of dust and dirt!

Nanomaterial Comfort composition: 80% polyester – microfibre textile, 19% polypropylen non-woven fabric, 1% polyamid 6 – nanofibre membrane, 300g/m2 (hollow fibre - 100% polyester)

Nanofiber material is actually a sandwich of non-woven fabric on the reverse side, nanofibre membrane in the middle and microfibre textile on the front side. The main function of non-woven fabric is to fix nanofibre barrier mechanically. Nanofiber membrane functions as a barrier fabric.

We guarantee 100% effectiveness and safety of the material

Nanofibre prevents the collection of dust mites and their allergens, viruses and bacteria in the filler. Imagine nanofibre fabric like a net with holes of the size 80 nm only . The dimensions of the dust mites are about 420,000 nm, the allergen is 1000 nm big, bacteria 100-10 000 nm, virus about 100 nm and scabies 300,000 nm. Thus, they have no chance to pass through the fabric.

The effectiveness of nanofiber membrane was tested at Textile Testing Institute in Brno (penetration of microorganisms) and the Technical University in Liberec (penetration of dust particles of size 1μm). The National Institute of Public Health in Prague tested the skin tolerability and possible allergic reactions.

Results of testing:

- verified detection of microorganisms ≥ 99.0%

- proven capture of dust particles ≥ 99.9%

- no adverse reactions upon contact with human skin


Oxygen molecule is large only 0.3 nm, it goes through the fabric pores without a problem, so the material remains pleasantly breathable.

Comparison with other antiallergic products

The results of comparative tests of the Technical University in Liberec clearly point out the fact that the nanofiber material is superior to other materials available, both woven and non-woven fabric.

NanoSPACE saves your money and health!