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Asthma Respiration disorders Eye irritation Lassitude



Manufacturer's Description

Smog represents a growing health risk. It causes respiration disorders, eye irritation, lassitude, as well as reduction of organism defensiveness. Long term breathing of polluted air makes the consequences even worse - lungs cancer. This constitutes a risk especially for children, elderly people, and individuals suffering from chronic disorders, such as asthma. Many people protect themselves against smog with a textile mask. However, the fibers in these masks are to thick and sheer to provide effective filtering of harmful particles.


The solution is a nanofiber filter made from the unique RESPILON® membrane. Thanks to extreme density of nanofibers and their ability to draw the harmful particles as a magnet, the filter provides reliable protection against inhalation of PM2.5 and PM1.0 smog and dust particles. At the same time, it stops bacterias and viruses, and thus avoids spreading of infections. The individuals suffering from allergy appreciate protection against pollen, mites, mildew or fungi spores.


Nanofiber filters are designed in the way allowing for integration into any type of textile mask on market. Thus, you can wear your existing mask and dramatically improve its ability to stop dangerous airborne particles by integration of the filter. The filter can be easily installed into the mask using two adhesive stripes providing tightness, as well as comfortable use. The exchangeable filter enables more effective use of textile mask, improved protection of human health and saving money for more expensive single-use masks.