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Textile Fibers, Yarns, and Fabrics



Self-cleaning Water resistance Hydrophobic No VOC

Manufacturer's Description

Nano-protex is a water-based NANO impregnation with very high penetration depth for Textile - materials. The product is repellent to water and the adherence of foreign matter to the surface is decreased. Due to the hydrophobic treatment effect, dirt particles can not penetrate the matrix of the textile. The Nano-particles adhere directly to the substrate molecules, deflecting any foreign matter

Nanoprotex® is a water based, ultra thin, transparent penetrating Nanotechnology repellent for textile and fabric. The product uses molecular bonding with a mineral substrate to form a hydrophobic surface, yet still permeable to water vapour allowing the substrate to 'breath' naturally.
Chemical engineered nanoparticles self assemble into a monolayer (one particle thick) and form a water repellent nanoscale surface structure. Nanoprotex® molecules are very small and high penetrating; the relatively low water evaporation rate allows it to enter even the smallest pores.

The use of conventional repellent chemicals like Silicone and Teflon and Fluorocarbons are not necessary.

Nanoprotex® contains no VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Nanoprotex® protects and preserves the substrate without altering the natural texture or colour.

Water runs off easily from the treated surface and dirt particles are washed off by rain or when rinsed with water (easy to clean effect - self-cleaning effect).

Nanoprotex® does not contain a binder, however does show high washout