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Nanochrana na textil, kožu 150ml perm


Textile Finishing Agents

Textile Sealant


NPD Conjectured

Titanium Dioxide

TiO2 Nanotube CAS Number : 13463-67-7
Diameter : 2 nm


Textile products Leather


to prevent water and liquids from sucking into the fabric to ensure breathable water repellency, hydrophobic material to provide more durable protection for textile surfaces to prolong the life of the products, not to cause yellowing, hardening of the fabric reduce effort on cleaning, maintenance, cost savings for the laundry reduce the maintenance time factor to a minimum NANO H & C nano protection for textiles, leather. Nano protection prevents dry impurities from sticking to the surface. Moist dirt does not penetrate into the interior of fabric, textiles, leather. Coffee, scarred red wine and oily stalks treats the substance specifically repelled. Durable dirt will not come back and get rid of it. Fur, clothing, footwear, bags, awnings, parasols and the like. are easier to clean with self-lining (eg in the rain). After treatment (spraying or diving) material, the water (both liquids and oils) is sprayed onto the textile and scraps off. The material remains dry for longer, clean and breathable. Textile and spray products can usually be washed and ironed repels liquids, dirt, grease, salt, oil prevents re-contamination, staining and damage to the fabric prolongs the life of the products, does not cause yellowing, hardening of the textile The material is soft and supple after treatment. Colorless preparation, free from harmful substances or brightening UV additives. Impregnation of NANO on textile, skin is a protective nanoparticle, respectively. Applied nanolay technology, no no Waterproofing !!!. It is also suitable for Gore-Tex®, BlocVent®, Climatic®, Entrant®, Gelanots®, etc. The breathable waterproofing of the outer layer of all hydrophobic and waterproof breathable, functional systems is safe for use on products with both nail and synthetic insulating filler. Package Content: 200ml, consumption 50-100ml / m2.

Anti-pollution Self-cleaning Anti-tarnish Hydrophobic Breathable Dirt resistance Waterproof