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Infections Control AnanoCoat™ does not only kill bacteria cells, but also decomposes the cell itself. It equally inhibits viral growth. The photocatalytic reaction works even when there are cells covering the surface and while the bacteria is actively propagating. AnanoCoat™ emits oxygen radicals that will penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms. When the cell walls are penetrated, leakage of metabolites occurs and other cell functions are disabled, thereby preventing the microorganisms from functioning or reproducing. The beauty of AnanoCoat™ is its ability to perform continuously with right application method. Disinfectants by AnanoCoat™ are stronger than chlorine or ozone. This is highly recommended for hospitals, laboratories, clinics and preschools where infections control measures are critical. Anti-Microbial Hygiene Solution AnanoCoat™ has been found to be more effective than any other antibacterial hygiene solution. Study has shown high log reduction exceeding EU requirements towards various common bacteria, virus, mold and yeast. AnanoCoat™ emits oxygen radicals that will penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms resulting in leakage of metabolites occurs and other cell functions are disabled, thereby preventing the microorganisms from functioning or reproducing. Thus the surface constantly self sanitize itself throughout the day. Hotels moving towards Green initiatives to provide customers "hypoallergenic" rooms can benefit from our AnanoCoat™ to delight their customer’s experience. Manufacturers of anti-microbial products and devices can reach out to us to identify appropriate techniques to impregnate AnanoCoat™ in their products as anti-microbial product line. Chemical or VOCs On the deodorizing application, the hydroxyl radicals accelerate the breakdown of any VOCs by destroying the molecular bonds. This will help combine the organic gases to form a single molecule that is not harmful to humans thus enhancing the air cleaning efficiency. Some of the examples of odour molecules are – tobacco, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, urine and faecal odour, gasoline, and many other hydro carbon molecules in the atmosphere. Surfaces coated with AnanoCoat™ can prevent smoke and soil, pollen, bacteria, virus and harmful gases as well as seize the free bacteria in the air with the help of the highly oxidizing effect of a photocatalyst. Deviceless Air Purifier We provide you clean air to breathe with our AnanoCoat™. Our deviceless air purifier can be applied for the reduction or elimination of polluted compounds in the air such as Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Sulphur Oxide (SOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO), cigarette smoke, as well as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) arising from various source of pollutants. Our deviceless air purifier is ideal for respiratory illness kids, pre-schools, hospitals with airborne pathogens, homes with pets. You do not require any device or maintenance of filters. Hotels going Green with "Pure Room" concept can benefit from our AnanoCoat™ AnanoCoat™ can be applied to protect lamp-houses and walls in tunnelling, as well as to prevent white tents from becoming sooty and dark. Atmospheric constituents such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and CFC substitutes, greenhouse gases, and nitrogenous and sulphurous compounds undergo photochemical reactions either directly or indirectly in the presence of sunlight. In a polluted area, these pollutants can eventually be minimized.

Antiodor Deodorization Non-chemical odours

Manufacturer's Description

AnanoCoat™ VOC Remover - removes chemicals and biological odors

AnanoCoat™ uses photocatalyst technology to decompose organic pollutants into harmless substances.

Our products are optimsed to deliver various features to address industries problems ranging from anti-microbial impregnation, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) remover, easy cleaning without harsh chemicals, hygiene control and air purification.

Our products contributes to a sustainable development for the by-products (water and carbon dioxide) of the catalyst reaction, which are then used in the photosynthesis process thus completing the eco-friendly process. The technology has won Ecology Medal under Green inventions.