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Anti-Microbial Metallic Coated Steel Sheets


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Anti-bacterial Activity Environmentally Friendly Anti-microbial activity

Manufacturer's Description

To be responsible for the sustainable development of the Earth, Yieh Phui has been greatly supporting the reduction of harmful substances in our environment and protecting natural resources, especially improving manufacturing processes as well as components and functions of products to reach the goal of social responsibility such as environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction. In addition, we manufacture green steel products that protect our environment, save energy and guard against germs. In 2004, Yieh Phui successfully developed “green environmentally friendly galvanized steel products,” and we developed “green environmentally friendly pre-painted products” and officially received orders the next year. In early 2006, the application of electronic appliances and orders of RoHS directive were switched to the manufacturing process of green environmental protection. In June, 2007, Yieh Phui obtained the international certificate QC 080000 IECQ HSPM of hazardous substances process management, and it became the first steel corporation in the world to obtain the certification of management system for RoHS environmental protection directive from European Union. We can manufacture environmentally friendly galvanized and pre-painted steel products that conform to RoHS directive of European Union through the process of the system.  In 2008, the research and development team of Yieh Phui successfully developed three new products which are “PhuizerGreen AMC (Yieh Phui Anti-Microbial Coated Steel Sheets),” “PhuizerGreen AMC Plus” and “Yieh Phui PVDF Clean ColorCool (3C) Pre-Painted Steel Sheets” and have received a lot of responses from the market. In 2009, Yieh Phui successively promoted “ColorCool Pre-Painted Steel Sheets” and “Yieh Phui PE/SMP Clean ColorCool (2C) Pre-Painted Steel Sheets” which have made Yieh Phui's research on environmentally friendly and energy saving products and innovative performance praised by our clients and supported by orders.