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Registration Date 17 May 2019
Revision Date 17 May 2019

PCI Nanolight®


Construction Masonry Materials

ceramic adhesive


For indoor and outdoor use. For walls and floors. For all substrates: cement screed, rough-ground anhydrite screed, gypsum-based floating screed, concrete, precast concrete elements, aerated concrete, heated screed, plasterboards, gypsum fibre boards, dry screed, magnesite screed, mastic asphalt (only indoors), insulation boards, gypsum blocks, plaster, render, gauged render, brickwork, old ceramic coverings and even, structurally sound wooden substrates such as particle boards, OSB boards etc., metal substrates (only indoors), firmly adhering PVC coverings. For all ceramic coverings laid in a thin bed or medium bed: non-vitrified tiles, vitrified tiles, fully-vitrified tiles, porcelain mosaic, glass mosaic, glass tiles, brick tiles and terracotta. For laying tiles and flagstones on PCI Pecidur HR foam supporting elements, PCI Polysilent impact sound insulation and isolation board as well as PCI Pecilastic isolating fabric underlay. For laying tiles and flagstones on PCI Lastogum bonded waterproofing (e.g. private bathrooms), PCI Seccoral (e.g. swimming pool and terraces) or PCI Apoflex (e.g. industrial kitchens). For repairing and levelling irregular wall surfaces and floor surfaces (e.g. brickwork, render, screed) before laying tiles.
Concrete Plaster Ceramic tiles Asphalt Ceramic Screed Insulation boards Gypsum blocks Brickwork Gauged render PVC coverings


With unique light filler combination and nanotechnology. High coverage due to the use of special additives and a unique filler combination. Creamy and workable mortar to be easily applied by trowel. Low shrinkage during the curing phase, mortar can be applied in a thin bed or medium bed up to a thickness of 10 mm. Non-sag properties, therefore easy and quick application. Flexible, compensates elongations of the substrate caused by variations in temperature. Dust reduced, less development of dust when opening the bag, pouring and mixing the product. Very low emissions, GEV-EMICODE EC1 PLUS R. Low in chromates.

Flexibility Lightweight

Manufacturer's Description

Multi-use light, flexible adhesive for all kinds of substrates and ceramic coverings.