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Antibacterial Cabinet Trash


Home Appliance Furniture

Cabinet trash


Usable in house (baby room, Bathroom, kitchen) and office Installable on cabinet door and desk drawer
Office Bathrooms Household Kitchen Baby room


nti-bacterial It consists of a main door and a door that connect the door to the main door through a shaft and open and close by rotating it.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-fungal Activity

Manufacturer's Description

Trash bin is a container which waste is collected, and naturally, this waste and food waste is a prone place for the growth of bacteria and germs. Preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi inside the trash is one of the important things in designing and making this product. Nowadays, various methods such as the use of antibacterial coatings or the use of nanoparticle-containing polymeric materials for inhibition of growth of bacteria are considered. The use of antibacterial granules containing  nanoparticles to fabricate the antibacterial trash has been widely used. The presence of these antibacterial substances helps to clean the environment by reducing the amount of bacteria in the trash.

Antibacterial properties obtained by using nanoparticles in the trash bin prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. The antibacterial effect of nanoparticles are increased significantly in the nanometer dimension in a way that it can eliminate various type of bacteria.

According to the national standard number INSO 21145, this product contains nanoparticles and is eligible for being placed in the field of nanotechnology.

Antibacterial activity is an indicator of the ability of the product to eliminate the bacteria which are in contact with it, and is obtained from the logarithmic comparison of the number of bacteria present on the control sample and the produced sample after 24 hours of contact with the bacteria. According to the standard, when the anti-bacterial activity of the product is between 2 and 3, the term "effective" can be used, while if the antibacterial activity is greater than 3, it has a strong effect.