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It was developed with grants from NASA, the National Science Foundation, the United States Department of Energy and more. TriboTEX’s nanomaterial has been shown in tests to: Reduce friction by more than 10X over engine oil alone Increase horsepower by 1-3% Increase fuel economy by 6-8% in cars with 130K+ miles Reduce engine noise within the first 15 minutes of use Fill in worn away material up to 40 micron or .0016 inch Is as environmentally friendly and safe as baby oil

Environmentally Friendly Wear Resistance Friction reduction Revitalizant

Manufacturer's Description

The original formula that gives you superior gas mileage, power, and noise reduction. It actively fills in worn out spots inside your engine. Like applying a finish to a wood table fills in chips and scratches. The magic is how it only fills in spots where friction is highest. Never worry about clogging up oil filters, ports, or lifters.

TriboTEX can make your car engine, motorcycle, diesel truck, lawn mower or any other machine last longer and run better. No matter what you drive, bearings in engines wear away from use, but one TriboTEX treatment can replace this worn away material with a strong coating that endures multiple oil changes. With TriboTEX you will enjoy your vehicle for longer. Before treatment this typical piston ring, a major component to the correct function of an engine, is scratched and damaged (see arrow) from 120,000 miles of highway driving