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Fully-printed Perovskite Solar Modules


Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell


The development of IoT challenges the traditional technologies of energy harvesting. The transition to a data-driven economy creates higher demands for the collection and transmission of information – IoT end nodes are evolving, requiring more and more power for new functionalities, and providing this power is becoming the key challenge.
Transportation Roofing Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Furniture Carports Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)


Saule’s perovskite technology for IoT aims to achieve longer device lifetime higher bandwidth data transmission with higher frequency longer transmission range smaller size improved security

Eco-friendly Scalability Printability

Manufacturer's Description

Understanding the issues related to how people currently use the Sun's energy to generate power, we had to take a completely different approach to solar cell production. Often, the simplest solutions turn out to be the best.
We use unique minerals called perovskites, which are excellent solar energy harvesting materials. They offer a plethora of useful compositions and variations, and their optoelectronic properties make them a versatile semiconductor. In less scientific (geeky) words, they allow us to inkjet-print solar cells on basically any surface and produce energy even when the exposure to light is limited.
It doesn’t mean that our technology is reserved for the few. We want to make solar power accessible to everyone, and we believe we can achieve it by offering low-cost products on a global scale. 

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