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Body Reinforcement Adhesive with Improved Flowability


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This product is pasty and is suitable to improve the mechanical strength of automobile body. This product is used in important areas of the body such as ceilings, doors, columns and backs to strengthen the body and increase mechanical resistance.


No solvent Based on epoxy Resistant to moisture, heat, extreme cold, acidic and alkaline substances

Heat resistant Moisture Resistance Alkali Resistance Acid Resistance Strength

Manufacturer's Description

Different parts of the body of the car such as doors, roof, hood and fence are subjected to various types of mechanical stress and shock. Heat-treated polymer materials are one of the most commonly used methods of reinforcing the body against external forces. The present product is epoxy resin based and solvent-free body reinforcing adhesive laminated with glass fibers. At temperatures above 140 ° C, the epoxy resin forms crosslinks and, as a result, the baked product has a high toughness and strength. This product has high adhesion to metal surfaces, even oily and greasy surfaces, and after baking, reinforces the metal sheet and provides high strength. High resistance to environmental conditions, lack of sedimentation, proper flowability, uniformity and lack of particles, and low viscosity variations during storage and lack of sawing are essential properties for the car body adhesive. Nowadays, in order to increase the wear resistance properties as well as the strength and improve the viscosity, the use of nanoparticles in the composition of materials used in adhesive production is a convenient and cost-effective way. The present product uses nanotechnology to improve the adhesion and flow properties.