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Antibacterial properties Different designs for extensive applications Use of health hazardous-free raw materials for production Available in different design and colors Nano-particles are strong antibacterial agents that can demolish a great range of microbes. The antibacterial feature enhances significantly in the nano scale as it can eradicate more than 650 types of bacteria. Antibacterial activity is an index which defines as the ability of a product in eradicating in-contact bacteria. Such indexing can be identified by comparing the amount of bacteria in the observant and product after a 24 hour bacteria imposing in logarithmic scale. According to standard, if antibacterial activity remains in range between 2 and 3, it can be considered as the meaningful influential while values greater than 3 are labeled as strong.

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Manufacturer's Description

There exist always leftovers after any meal as needs to be stored and carrying away for some distance for further use. This may avoid wasted of left food as it is not acceptable to throw away fresh food both in economical and principled viewpoint. Taking abovementioned remarks into account, keeping warm and cold served foods for refrigerating and carrying to work is with significant importance and seems necessary. Such containers are with great deal of variety as each of them is considered to be appropriate for a special type of food. For instance, liquid ones that segregation of constituents tends to happens or foods may face with smell or appearance change which are indicatives of decay. The main reason for such unwanted physical deteriorations can be assigned to the presence of bacteria within containers.       

The antibacterial effect taking advantages of nanoparticles in kitchenware impede nucleation and growth of bacteria and funguses. The antibacterial effect enhances significantly in nano scale as nanomaterial get the potential to demolish several types of bacteria. Getting free of hazardous bacteria and funguses present in kitchenware is one of the key points in design and production of such food containing things. Nowadays different approaches have been utilized in industry for imposing antibacterial effect into containers as coating with antibacterial materials and incorporation of nano-scale reinforced polymers are two extensively-used ones.  It can be deduced that, using initial antibacterial raw materials throughout fabrication of nano material reinforced antibacterial containers is the most effective way for achieving such characteristics in the final product. These containers decrease and even demolish human health hazardous bacteria in containers which lead to enhancement in food health and safety of society.

The dominant mechanism of bacteria removal is based on the fact that nano-particles impede bacteria advent and growth by fading its external membrane. The kitchenware products fabricated by Sanat Sazan Ideal Plast under the brand of Mania have been produced in the company factories in different designs and models. Taking advantage of extensive researches done by R&D of this company, high frequency used containers has been made in the company possessing antibacterial properties.