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dirt-repellent nanocoating solution


Construction Masonry Materials



The dirt-repellent coating solution is suitable for the exterior and interior of a home or property that is in heavy use on a daily basis. Suitable for protecting the surfaces of both new and old premises. The treatment prevents dirt from being absorbed into the materials, making it easier to clean various surfaces. Home kitchens and bathrooms Kitchens and bathrooms in investment housing Interior and exterior of the property (facade, walls, floors, yard, paving, metal surfaces) Hotel bathrooms and large kitchens Toilets and kitchens in restaurants Corporate toilets, showers and kitchens
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Nanocoating makes it easier to clean the interior or exterior surfaces of a home or property by preventing dirt from being absorbed into the materials. Even old spaces can be made to look almost new with deep cleaning and coating. Coating is a cost-effective way to refresh the look of your premises. Its cost is significantly lower than renovation. Cleaning of the premises is easier. The treated surface repels dirt and reduces the need for strong detergents. Nanocoating increases housing and customer satisfaction. Cleaner surfaces increase comfort. Also useful for home investors. Protecting surfaces lowers the life cycle costs of homes and properties. The nanocoating of the yard or garage floor prevents e.g. absorption of oils, contaminants, water and urine. Exterior wall coating also provides protection against graffiti. Preventive property maintenance, especially for new properties.

Anti-graffiti Contaminant resistant Water repellent Dirt repellent Oil repellent

Manufacturer's Description

We use indoor and outdoor spaces on a daily basis, the surfaces of which are subject to heavy wear. Dirt that is difficult to clean accumulates on the surfaces of the premises during use.

We want efficient solutions for homes and properties to keep their dirtiest surfaces easy to clean without strong detergents. That’s why we took the help of nanotechnology and developed a dirt-repellent nanocoating solution.

The dirt-repellent nanocoating protects the interior and exterior surfaces of the home and property by preventing dirt from being absorbed into them. With the help of four-stage deep cleaning and coating, the surfaces of old rooms also look almost new and their cleaning is easier.