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Revision Date 28 Apr 2021

Photonit photocatalytic coating


Construction Masonry Materials



The photon catalytic coating is suitable for all spaces where a lot of people move around every day. The coating makes the spaces and contact surfaces safer for people. Swimming pools, gyms and ice rinks Shops, malls and restaurants Museums, theaters, cinemas and libraries Concert halls and event halls Hotels, ski resorts and spas Vehicles and car rentals Playgrounds and Amusement Parks Terminals, stations and ports Hairdressing and other beauty treatment Service Houses and Wellness Centers Kindergartens and schools Hospitals, health centers and dental clinics Offices and agencies
Hospitals Shopping centers Office Hotel Museum Restaurant Schools Pool Libraries Gyms Ports


The Photonit photocatalytic coating, which is activated in normal room light, tirelessly destroys viruses and microbes from the contact surfaces, thus effectively preventing the spread of various infectious diseases. It achieves good surface hygiene that fights infectious diseases. Minimize risks as flu and other infectious diseases begin to spread as people return to work and hobbies. Safe spaces and interfaces for people raise the image of companies and employers. Reducing morbidity increases staff productivity and reduces medical expenses. Helps save on cleaning costs by reducing the need for heavy special cleaning and strong chemicals.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Mold Resistant Virus-killing Self-disinfecting

Manufacturer's Description

We walk daily in spaces whose surfaces have been touched by thousands and thousands of hands before us. Millions of disease-causing viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds live on the surfaces. 

Pandemics and epidemics have made us realize the importance of good surface hygiene as part of the fight against infectious diseases. That’s why we developed a light-self-disinfecting coating solution that makes spaces and contact surfaces safer for people. 

The Photonit photocatalytic coating, which is activated in normal room light, works tirelessly around the clock, destroying various pathogens from the surfaces. Surfaces remain hygienic at all times without strong chemicals, even between cleanings.