Registration Date 18 May 2021
Revision Date 18 May 2021

Moisturize & Rejuvenate Face Mask


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Facial Mask


Designed for all skin types, this sheet mask is perfect for evening skin tone, increasing luminosity, and preventing premature signs of aging. Our recommended usage is twice a week for best results.


Antioxidant and hydrator complex support collagen production for bouncy, healthy skin Increases skin’s hydration levels for luminous skin 24/7 Powerful antioxidants protect skin from photodamage and pollution Vitamin C evens skin tone for balanced, brighter skin

UV Protection Skin Hydrating Skin Rejuvenation Anti-oxidant Skin Protection Skin Nourishing Skin Lightening Collagen Production

Manufacturer's Description

Fun late nights out and long days spent sunbathing take a toll on skin, leaving it dehydrated, tired, and dull - there’s no denying it. Alcohol, lack of sleep, and UV exposure are literally some of the most common stressors that we put our delicate skin through. But never fear - there’s nothing this mask can’t fix. A potent antioxidant, Vitamin C provides essential protection from UV exposure and skin-damaging free radicals, while also brightening and evening skin from within. Combined with Vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant, skin is nourished and protected from the inside out. Gluconolactone and Hyaluronic Acid are like a tall glass of water for skin, bringing hydration deep into the dermis. This powerful duo restores a long-lasting, hydrated glow to the skin - the kind of glow that usually comes from drinking superfood smoothies and 2 gallons of water on the daily.