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Symphonique Day-Time Cream, Dry Skin


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Maximum Anti-Age Effect as a Day Cream - Summarizes all the latest knowledge from Dermatology on cosmetic skin care that actually works. Works moisturizing and caring all day. Developed purposefully as the optimal day cream for dry and delicate skin - Best for use with Crème Symphonique- Night Time and Serum Symphonique, composed so that all the many ingredients used together form a complete whole, similar to the instruments in a Symphony Orchestra, in which all the voices are heard

Anti-aging Skin Moisturizing Skin Rejuvenation

Manufacturer's Description

Moisturizing day cream for dry and delicate skin with advanced nano-technology

Has a beautifying effect when applied to the surface of the skin and then penetrates deeply with a rich palette of anti-aging ingredients, each with its own specific long-term effect.

This cream is specially developed to add emollient and soothing ingredients to the dry and sensitive skin.

The Crème Symphonique series is based on the latest dermatological science, and is composed of Beauté Pacifique with multiple ingredients, each of which has a rejuvenating and rebuilding effect, and which in the Symphonique products together provide the optimal, rejuvenating skin care for the adult skin. The cream is applied to cleansed skin - or, optimally after applying Serum Symphonique - with one or two pumps as needed and distributed with light finger massage until the cream has penetrated completely into the skin.