Registration Date 22 Jun 2022
Revision Date 22 Jun 2022

The Pure


Construction Structural Materials



Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-pollution Antiodor

Manufacturer's Description

The Pure panel is the first piece of furniture made up of a special patented material that is able to absorb and break up the polluting molecules present in the environments where we live, and therefore to purify the air we breathe. 

In indoor environments the air is constantly moving and the walls are the main surfaces on which the air flows continuously.

The Pure canvas , exploiting the natural air movements of the spaces in which we live, removes polluted molecules through the continuous exchange between its surface and the moving air and thus releases cleaner and more breathable air.

All this is possible thanks to the combined action of its bactericidal outer fabric and a carbon cartridge placed inside it that absorbs pollutants. 3 levels that work in synergy
The air passes through the meshes of the fabric, where the heart of technology, a soul activated by nano molecules, captures and breaks down pollutants. The air thus continues its natural movement returning to the circulation cleaner and more breathable. The result is that the polluted air that hits the Pure fabric comes out purified.