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Registration Date 8 Oct 2022
Revision Date 8 Oct 2022

Jotafloor Sealer


Construction Masonry Materials

Floor Sealer




High Adhesion Low viscosity

Manufacturer's Description

Jotafloor Sealer has excellent penetration properties and seals a surface by levelling it as it enters all the pores. The two-component epoxy sealer is polyamide-cured, making it highly durable and suitable for concrete or masonry. It has high adhesive properties, ensuring not only adhesion to the bottom surface but also to other potential topcoats.

The product has low viscosity, which makes it very easy to apply with a variety of tools. Its flow will allow for a smooth application in atmospheric environments, making it a good option for rooms, garages and warehouses. It can be used in residential and industrial settings alike.

The sealer is highly efficient on concrete floors. As these surfaces are porous, the product will make them smoother. The colour of the sealer is transparent and has a glossy finish, and the final result will resemble glass flakes.

Its ease of use makes this sealer a good option for large rooms that need to dry quickly. Applied with the right tools, the sealer will leave no streaks, featuring self-levelling properties even when multiple coats are applied. Considering its fast application, it is suitable for beginners and professionals.