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Stone conservation CaLoSiL®


Construction Masonry Materials



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Calcium hydroxide

Ca(OH)2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1305-62-0
Diameter : 50-150 nm


This is of essential importance for the consolidation of natural stone such as limestone, marble or sandstone as well as for mortar and plaster.
Marbles Mortars Sandstone Plaster Limestone Natural stone


1. Consolidation of limestone, marble and related materials due to the formation of calcium carbonate from calcium hydroxide sols 2. possibility to penetrate deep into damaged zones, no limitations due to the particle size 3. Stabilization of stone, mortar and plaster as well as wall paintings by formation of calcium carbonate 4. Consolidation of mortar, plaster and sandstone in combination with conventional stone strengtheners such as silicic acid esters 5. Fast carbonation of the treated zones 6. High purity and defined composition.

Deep Surface Penetration Purity

Manufacturer's Description

The first commercially available stone consolidant based on nano-materials is the product CaLoSiL®. It contains calcium hydroxide nano-particles suspended in different alcohols. Typical concentrations are between 10 and 50g/L. The particles have sizes ranging between 50 and 150 nm depending on the production process. Treatment of stones with CaLoSiL® results in the formation of solid calcium hydroxide after evaporation of the alcohol. That converts into CaCO3 (calcite) in a way similar to traditional lime mortars by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide. The solvent evaporates without any residues. Compounds deteriorating stone or mortar are not formed.