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Hydrophobia Nano Coating Multi-Purpose Absorbent


Textile Finishing Agents

Textile Finishing Agent


NPD Conjectured

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanocolloid CAS Number : 7631-86-9
Diameter : 2 nm


1. Natural and synthetic textile 2. Natural and synthetic leather 3. Stone 4. Wood.
Stone Synthetic fabric Natural fabric Wood All types of leathers


1. Invisible coating 2. Makes a large range of absorbent materials resistant to water and oil 3. Reduces the penetration of water, soot, coffee, cola, ketchup, red wine and other staining agents 4. Durable: used on textiles, the coating lasts 40-50 hand washing cycles 5. Surfaces remain clean for longer and are easy to clean using pure water.

Self-cleaning Washability Invisibility Oleophobe Waterproof

Manufacturer's Description

This coating comes in two variants: Standard and Not for White Textiles. The standard variant differs from Hydrophobia Nano Coating Multi-Purpose Absorbent Not for White Textiles in that it can be used on white textiles but requires heat treatment (160 °C). In other words, if you are not planning on coating white textiles, choosing the Not for White Textiles variant is the best choice, because you may then skip the heat treatment. They are both available in 1 liter bottles (art. no. 350-1 for Standard and 351-1 for Not for White Textiles). Not for White Textiles is also available as a 1:9 concentrate on a 5 liter canister (art. no. 351-5-C9).