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Food Meal

Vegetables Cleaner


Thus a more recent, practical approach, gaining increasing popularity by the day, involves the use of nanoparticles for removing residual pesticide and bacterial contamination. Towards this end, M/s Prakruthik Health Care Pvt. Ltd. now launches a ‘NanoCleanse’, NANO CLEANING SUSPENSION comprising clay mineral nanoparticles complemented by two liquid ingredients, for eliminating unwanted pesticides and bacteria. Highly desirable properties arising from the inherent constitution of the Nanoparticle suspension - such as dispersion, adsorption, absorption etc. - collectively confer exceptional capacities in favor of efficaciously cleansing fruit and vegetable produce. NanoCleanse prevents deteoriation of vegetables and fruits dramatically, thus slowing wilting and browning. It also neutralizes the chlorine that is present in most wash water, thus eliminating undesirable odours and tastes associated with chlorine.

Anti-bacterial Activity Pesticide Removal

Manufacturer's Description

NanoCleanse in Hyderabad - a revolutionary discovery addressing the need of every Indian household. With contamination in vegetables and fruits becoming more and more common, we felt that there was an urgent need for a product which is not only eco-friendly, but natural, as well. PHCPL filled this gap by introducing NanoCleanse which is made of 100% Natural food grade ingredients like citric derivatives, natural minerals and distilled water. Prakruthik’s NanoCleanse has been tested on 175 toxic pesticides in compliance with the European Union guidelines & also on 7 pathogenic bacterium at NABL Accredited lab in India. It is also certified from ACERTA, Spain.