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Bio Rhizo (Rhizobium)


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Improve the fertilization of soil. Fix the nitrogen in leguminous crops continuously. Improve the seed germination. Increase the number and length of roots and shoots. Improve nutrient uptake. Other benefits: Increase the porosity and water holding capacity of soil. Soil becomes live by increasing loading of microbes. Soil becomes healthy, smooth and fragrance. Increase the development of earthworm and other useful lives.

Nutritional Plant Growth Acceleration Root Activity Improvement Root Vigor Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

What is Bio Rhizobium
Bio Rhizo is a Lyophilized bio-fertilizer based on the selective strains of nitrogen-fixing beneficial bacteria such as Rhizobium. This is available in Lyophilized powder form (Min.1x107 bacterial cells/gm.) formulation.
Mode of Action
Rhizobium: This is a nodulating type of micro-organism associating symbiotically with the root of the legume plants. It produces nodules and multiplies in it. By remaining inside the nodules it fixes atmospheric nitrogen.
This Bio-fertilizer fixes the atmospheric nitrogen through the process of biological nitrogen fixation and makes it available to plant in an easily assimilable and utilizable form.