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NASCO Tricho


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Nasco Tricho controls the disease-causing pathogens such as Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia solani Fusarium spp., Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotium rolfsii, and Sclerotinia homoeocarpa causing root rot, root wilt, seedling rot and colour-rot diseases in crops. Increase the rate of plant growth and development of more robust root Became plants more resistant to drought Protect the plants by lytic enzymes and antibiotic Solubilises phosphates & micro nutrients Solubilises and sequestrates of in organic nutrients Induces defence responses in crop plants Produce enzymes such as protease which protects the plant against diseases causing fungal and microbes

Nutritional Photosynthesis Improvement Root Activity Improvement Plant Metabolism Acceleration Root Vigor Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

What is Nasco tricho?
Nasco tricho, is a biological fungicide containing the conidial spore and the mycelial fragments of the selective strain of antagonistic fungus, Trichoderma viride. The product is available in Lyophilized Powder (Min. 2 x 106 cells per gm) formulation.
Mode of Action
Substrate Competition :  Nasco Tricho controls pathogens by creating competition for substrates, nutrients and the like.
Mycoparasitism: Nasco Tricho is a preventive biological (living) fungicide that attacks disease-causing pathogen before they reach the root system. It grows fast and coils around the pathogen and penetrates through it and takes nutrients from the pathogen. The pathogen eventually dies and finally eliminated from the field.
Antibiosis: It offers a long-lasting control against the pathogen by secreting secondary metabolites which exhibit antibiosis effect on the pathogen.