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Bio Phosphate (PSB)


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Improve the fertilization of soil. Solubilise insoluble phosphorous in soluble form. Increase the rapid cell development. Encourage faster root growth to uptake water and nutrient. Increase micro nutrient availability to plant from the soil. Produce organic acid like malic, succinic, fumaric,citric,tartaric and acetic which fastens uptake, maturity and increase the yield. Increase the porosity and water holding capacity of soil. Restore the resistance power and immunity in soil root zone area. Soil becomes live by increasing loading of microbes. Increase the development of earthworm and other useful lives and help in decompose of agriculture waste.

Nutritional Plant Growth Acceleration Root Activity Improvement Root Vigor Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

What is Bio Phosphate?
Bio Phosphate is a Lyophilized Bio fertilizers based on a selective strain of phosphate solubilising beneficial bacteria, Bacillus megaterium. This is available in Lyophilized powder (Min.1x107 cells/gm.) formulation.
Mode of Action
The Bacillus megaterium cells contained in the product on reaching soil get activated and produce fresh batches of active cells. These cells grow and multiply by utilizing carbon source in the soil or root exudates. During their growth, by secreting organic acids they solubilise the fixed phosphorus in the soil and make it available to plant in an easily usable form.