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Registration Date 5 Sep 2016

4Mb Parallel Interface MRAM


Electronics Memories Product Number : MR2A08A

Ram (Random Access Memory)


No write delays • Unlimited write endurance • Data retention greater than 20 years • Automatic data protection on power loss • Fast, simple SPI interface, up to 50 MHz clock rate with MR20H40. • 3.0 to 3.6 Volt power supply range • Low-current sleep mode • Industrial (-40 to 85°C), Extended (-40 to 105°C), and AEC-Q100 Grade 1 (-40 to 125°C) temperature range options. • Available in 8-pin DFN or 8-pin DFN Small Flag, RoHS-compliant packages. • Direct replacement for serial EEPROM, Flash, and FeRAM • MSL Level 3

Unlimited write endurance Data retention greater than 20 years Low current sleep mode Fast 35 ns read

Manufacturer's Description

Everspin 4Mb Parallel Interface MRAM is SRAM compatible with 35 ns read/write timing and unlimited endurance. Data are always non-volatile for greater than 20 years. Data are automatically protected on power loss by low-voltage inhibit circuitry to prevent writes with voltage out of specification. To simplify fault tolerant design, the MR4A16B includes internal single bit error correction code with 7 ECC parity bits for every 64 data bits.