Registration Date 25 Sep 2016

Brethe Air Cleaner with Nano Coil Technology - Includes Remote Control - Gray


Environment Air Remediation Product Number : AR-NC01-GY

Air Purifier


The compact Brethe is more than an air cleaner. Using leading edge Nano-Coil technology, HoMedics research team created an incredibly effective air cleaning system. This exclusive cleaning system cleans your air with 7x more cleaning surface than comparable HEPA towers. Compact, powerful 3-stage air filtration: Pre-filter captures pet dander and large allergens VOC filter reduces toxins and household odors Nano Coil filter kills viruses and removes 99% of airborne allergens and contaminants YOU’LL BREATHE EASIER KNOWING BRETHE REMOVES 99% OF ALLERGENS, INCLUDING PET DANDER, DUST AND MOLD. PLUS IT KILLS COLD AND FLU VIRUSES. 5x better than HEPA in clearing the air of pet hair, fur, dander, dust and mold Eliminates odors Cleans microscopic particles down to 0.05 microns in size Kills viruses Reduces bacteria OTHER BENEFITS Weighs 50% less than comparable HEPA towers Uses only 25 watts of power - 50% less than comparable HEPA towers Cleanable, replaceable filter lasts up to 18 months LED backlit control panel Remote control included 120 CADR (up to 191 sq ft)

Anti-pollution Air Purification