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Revision Date 20 Jun 2020

CIGS solar module


Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell


Flisom’s technology could enable a wide range of innovative products & applications.
Electricity generation Low-load bearing roof


Flisom’s roll-to-roll production of CIGS solar modules confers advantageous product features: Large size that reduces installation costs Lightweight solar modules for a broad range of installations Flexible solar modules for innovative designs and applications Uniform black appearance Customizable solar module (size and design)

Flexibility Lightweight Low-load bearing Non-breakable

Manufacturer's Description

Flisom’s proprietary CIGS thin-film technology combines energy efficiency, high throughput manufacturing with advanced module design. The roll-to-roll production of modules of monolithically-integrated solar cells leads to panels expectation quality.   Flisom's key technologies lies in the deposition of the CIGS (Cu(In,Ga)Se2) semiconductor compound on flexible foil, laser scribing, and the design of flexible solar modules.   The roll-to-roll manufacturing process developed by Flisom enables the monolithic production of solar modules. That is, complex patterns of solar cells and other components can be designed and interconnected on a single sheet of plastic without having to add external hardware components. This is what is called monolithic interconnection. It is possible thanks to a sequence of depositions of material layers followed by laser scribings P1, P2, and P3 that delineate components after each layer is deposited.