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Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell


Thanks to low temperature coefficients our customers have had a yield advantage of up to 12.5% compared to crystalline modules for many years. With an improved temperature coefficient of -0.32%/K, modules with even better yields will be available soon. With rooftop systems, shading by parts of buildings, trees, leaves and soiling often cannot be ruled out. The special cell design of the Solibro thin film modules minimises the probability of shading of whole cells and therefore ensures you an optimum yield regardless of the position of the sun. Ground mounted systems also benefit from the thin film module design. Installation in portrait orientation minimises losses due to shading and allows reduced row spacing.Its uniform black appearance makes the frameless Solibro module the perfect fit for sophisticated visual applications. The active layer is protected from environmental influences on both sides by stable glass substrates, and the frameless design allows self-cleaning by facilitating optimum drain-off of rainwater, even at small tilt angles. Our SL2 modules are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory near Leipzig in Germany and tested according to recognised high standards – longer and harder than required by IEC 61646. Furthermore, the quality of every module is ensured by a complete check including a 100% electroluminescence procedure. Solibro modules therefore offer you not just higher yields today, but also a reliable system for the next 25 years.For small private systems and applications with more exacting stability requirements, we recommend our framed modules. These modules are approved for snow loads of up to 3600 Pa and their robust frames make installation particularly easy.

Self-cleaning Thermal stability

Manufacturer's Description

The uniform black Solibro thin film module is now even more powerful! Thanks to ongoing integration of our world-record-breaking CIGS technology into our production, Solibro modules are among the most efficient products of their kind, with efficiency of up to 16%.