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"Long Philippines" principle photocatalyst


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Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


photocatalyst is a kind of nano-titanium dioxide represented by general optical semiconductor material having a photocatalytic function is the management of indoor environmental pollution and increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions on current international best materials. See titanium dioxide light will produce negative electrons. Electronic air cell and water molecules which combine to produce hydroxyl radicals, hydroxyl radicals having strong oxidative decomposition ability, capable of many organic compounds and some carbon dioxide and other inorganic substances is decomposed into harmless, and can destroy the bacteria and curing the virus protein; negative electrons and oxygen combine to produce the air among active oxygen, also has a strong oxidation and decomposition ability to kill bacteria, fungi, etc., and to fresh air.
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First, the product characteristics "Long Philippines' newly activated photocatalyst added a special mineral that helps to activate the photocatalyst, and ultraviolet light as titanium dioxide, which can be newly activated photocatalyst under light or no light situations play a bactericidal, deodorant, purification decoration pollution, efficient, permanent, thorough. Safety and environmental protection, no secondary pollution. Second, the use 1. This product can be sprayed on the interior wall of milky white (no wallpaper), ceilings, and other automotive interior color close to the surface; 2. Spraying should be preceded by the article to be coated surfaces clean and adjust the spray gun pressure, the pressure is too large too small may result in reduced spray effects, if necessary, the first surface is not suitable for spraying will be covered; 3. When the spray gun nozzle should be sprayed from the surface 30-40cm distance; 4. After coating, the coating may be dried naturally for 10 minutes at room temperature, 48 hours after full cure; 5. The film is not completely cured before, do not force wipe; 6. Spraying guarantee results, we recommend using a compressed air gun import 0.3--0.5mm caliber spray; 7. 1000 ml of the product in about 100m2. Third, note 1. Shake well before use; 2. This product is used directly, not diluted; 3. When spraying decorative front panel and special materials, you should first try in the corner coating, no color and other changes before a large area; 4. Do not let children touch; do not rinse the eyes with clean water; 5. Stored in a cool dry dark place, avoid heat and cold. Model: TM-GCM Executive Standard: QD / TMJ-2006 with better use of formaldehyde scavengers

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-pollution High Specific Surface Area Self-cleaning UV Protection Environmentally Friendly Deodorization