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Formaldehyde scavenger


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TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


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First, the product characteristics 1. This product can efficiently get rid of (wooden doors, wooden walled, heating cover, etc.) Furniture formaldehyde pollution artificial surface and sheet production other decoration material. 2. surface cleaning, polishing, conservation treatment. It has been treated to paint furniture and plates eliminate formaldehyde have a good effect. Second, the use 1. Before use, the face plate and a variety of paint dust furniture surface clean. 2. Gun or spray evenly with a wet cloth or rubbed its surface removal of formaldehyde, natural dry. 3. After completely dry with a soft towel or cloth to wipe the furniture surface has some polishing, repair scratches, protection. 4.500 ml of the product is about 50 square meters can be used to Face. 5. Furniture seams and brushing easily available at a syringe injection. Third, note 1. Should choose sunny and dry weather is not easy to use in order to avoid drying. 2. Not too much plate surface clean and free of dust. 3. Rinse with water, do not touch the children's contact with the skin. 4. Stored in a cool dark place; do not dilute with water. 5. When spraying decorative front panel and special materials, you should first try in the corner coating, no color and other changes before the large-scale use

Non-toxic Self-cleaning Environmentally Friendly Natural Material

Manufacturer's Description

"Philippine Long" formaldehyde scavenger is made from pure natural plant ingredients, using the latest international technology of nano technology to produce high-tech environmentally friendly products. It can be home decoration materials and man-made sheet in a large amount of residual formaldehyde adsorption completely decomposed, capture and scavenging effect polymerization.