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CareView® 1500C 14x17 Cassette-size Detector


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User Friendly • 14"x17" Tethered cassette CareView 1500C is a good choice for general radiography imaging systems. • Light -weight, slim design with built-in foldable handle, rubber insulated frame and high strength aluminum-alloy case ensure safe and convenient handling and improves image quality in vibrating environments. • CareRay’s patented Full-Field Automatic Exposure Detection technology F2AED eliminates the generator cord. • Easily fits into standard bucky tray cabinets for upgrading existing systems. Superior Image Quality New generation of technology defines the characteristics of our CareView 1500C detector--high DQE, high spatial resolution, extraordinary dynamic range and ultra-low noise. Our "Caring About You" Design Philosophy The most advanced CsI direct-deposition technology ensures excellent image quality at a low X-ray dose and improves operational safety.

Scratch Resistance Lightweight Photostability Waterproof Excellent spatial resolution

Manufacturer's Description

CareView® series X-ray flat panel detectors incorporate the proven technology of amorphous silicon. The amorphous silicon photodiode array and TFT underneath convert invisible X-ray photons into visible photons, and then into electric charges. The electron signals are measured and amplified in the data line, and then converted to digital signals by the Analog/Digital converter. Finally, the digital signals are transmitted to a PC for processing to form an image.
CareRay is technologically adept at CsI scintillator growth, TFT/PD panel design and fabrication, and detector system design and integration.
The CsI scintillator, which is deposited directly on flat panel substrate in a high temperature and high vacuum environment, has unique micro needle structure that results in outstanding conversion efficiency from X-ray to visible photon, excellent spatial resolution, and stability. 
As a result, CareRay’s detectors offer superior performance with expansive dynamic range, significant MTF, and high environment adaptability in energy ranges from 40~150KeV.
Based on product performance requirements, through optimized X-ray scintillators, photodiodes and TFTs, Careray can supply outstanding flat panel detectors to meet a broad range of applications.
CareView® series ranges from 14x17 inch flat panel detector CareView® 1500C and a larger-sized 17x17 inch for general radiography, to CareView® 500M for high resolution mammography, portable CareView® 500P for industrial NDT, and portable plus wireless CareView® 1500P.