Registration Date 13 Feb 2017

RotiGreen Nanno


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Aquaculture Supplement




Colonizes the digestive flora of the fish gut — marine fish are born with only a partially-developed intestinal tract, and it can take up to four weeks for the gut to fully develop. Our Instant Algae brand of microalgae and the associated “good” bacteria enter the gut and help jump-start digestion. Enrichment of the rotifers — many hatcheries keep a background level of live rotifers in the tanks so the fish can continue feeding. Our greenwater microalgae feeds the rotifers and maintains enrichment levels. Reduces or eliminates “nose bumping” syndrome — in larval tanks the water is typically so clean and clear that the fish lose depth perception and run into each other and the sides of the tank, bruising themselves and creating bacteria problems. Our Greenwater clouds the water and helps fish avoid collisions.

Manufacturer's Description

RotiGreen Nanno balances DHA/EPA with ARA to optimally nourish fish and maintain the health of rotifers. It is frozen for a long shelf life (three years) and easy transportation. Extremely clean, it offers excellent suspension in the water column. RotiGreenNanno is replacing Nanno 3600, a popular legacy product available since 1998. Strain: CCMP525