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True one bottle system No separate etching One coat only Simplified handling technique which saves time - 30 seconds procedure Fastest on the market Three steps lasting 30 seconds only! Apply GC G-bond to cut enamel and dentine Leave undisturbed for 10 seconds Dry thoroughly under MAXIMUM air pressure for 5 seconds in presence of vacuum suction Light cure 10 second Mild etching of enamel and dentine Demineralisation of less than 1µm Many minerals available for chemical adhesion Tubules stay closed providing a very low risk of post-operative sensitivity Simultaneous demineralisation and monomer infiltration results in a better seal of the hybrid layer, resulting in less risk of nano-leakage Double chemical adhesion Two different functional monomers create non-conventional interface with the available minerals - the Nano Interaction Zone 4-MET bonds to dentine Phosphoric Acid Ester bonds to enamel HEMA free Oral durability because HEMA is hydrophilic and absorbs water over time No discoloration No collagen degradation No loss of retention No risk of allergic reactions Bubble free adhesive layer Acetone acts as water chaser Evaporates completely under high air pressure

Strength Self-etching

Manufacturer's Description

GC is proudly presenting G-BOND, a NEW revolutionary 7th Generation, true one bottle - one coat bonding system that doesn't require separate etching. The mild acid leaves denting tubuli closed to virtually eliminate post operative sensitivity and to allow the 2 functional monomers to form a non-conventional interface with the available minerals - the Nano Interaction Zone for a better double chemical adhesion. Consistent bond strength to dentin is guaranteed by the 4-MET monomer whilst Phosphoric Acid Ester Monomer ensures a tight bond to enamel. The remarkably thin, bubble free adhesive layer will coat all bonding surfaces completely, even in extremely shallow cavities and will not be visible after polymerization. Oral durability is guaranteed because new G-BOND is HEMA free: water uptake, discoloration and possible loss of retention are a thing of the past.   G-BOND will give you clinically successful results time after time. It's a simple technique: brush G-BOND onto the tooth's bonding surface, wait 10 seconds, then air thin with high pressure syringe air and light-cure for 10 seconds.   For almost any application, it's 30 seconds and you're good to go.