Registration Date 15 Jun 2017

Alsecure fire resistant and flame retardant halogen-free cables


Renewable Energies Power Transmission



Fireproof Halogen-free

Manufacturer's Description

Company Uglichkabel  is fireproof cables: •  ALSECURE®  - cables are halogen-free flame retardant •   ALSECURE® PLUS is  - fire resistant cables are halogen-free flame retardant 
Widespread use of these cables began in the mid 80s and became mandatory in Europe and the US in the operation in disaster-prone areas in the responsible public buildings. Currently, more attention is paid to cable and wire products in Russia, which reduces hazards from fires, maintains performance over time when exposed to open flame.  To evaluate the fire of cables and wires in the world, including Russia, introduced criterion IEC 60332 characterizing the ability of cable articles be flame retardant. Flame retardance - the cable means the ability to extinguish itself automatically within a certain time after the ignition by the use of not flammable materials. Assessed the criterion of burnt length after the cable segment of arson, and applies for both single (IEC 60332-1 / 60332-2), and to the beam (IEC 60332-3) cabling. - A single installation: a single cable or series of cables, the distance through the air in the light of which to the nearest cable exceeds 300 mm. - Group installation: a series of cables to the distance by air in the light of not more than 300 mm between them.