Registration Date 17 Jun 2017

Divos 124


Environment Water and Wastewater

filtration washing system


Pharmaceutical industry Membrane


System Divos company DIVERSEY - an advanced membrane filtration washing system, which improves product performance, prolongs the shelf life of membranes, guarantees the quality of products and provide customer support. Optimizing performance Products Divos company DIVERSEY , and our experience in its application give a first-class result. This increases the performance and efficiency of the process to all of membrane units (MF, UF, NF, RO ) in the dairy industry and beverage manufacturing. We offer customized programs that reduce cleaning time, energy consumption, water and optimizes performance. Extension of validity of membranes All funds line Divos tested and tested producers and adjusters membrane equipment and protects your membranes (tubular flow, ceramic, plate & frame, spiral wound, hollow fiber, etc). With proper use and care, our specialized programs ensure maximum performance and efficiency of the process, prolonging the shelf life of your membrane. Guaranteed product quality Detergents and disinfectants Company DIVERSEY , experience in the application, automatic dosing system, monitoring and control will guarantee the achievement of high standards of hygiene in your membrane installations. Program Divos protect even the most delicate of foods and beverages, optimize productivity and ensure product quality. High-quality service and support in the use We guarantee comprehensive support and training service during startup and industrial use, regular inspection, identification and elimination of problems, efficient cost management and perfect production. Working in collaboration with installers membrane equipment manufacturers and users, the company DIVERSEY prolongs the shelf life of the membranes and ensure product quality. Our representatives and experts in the use of detergents will work closely with your managers and operators to better understand your needs and provide you with the best solutions.

Salt Resistance Thermal stability PH stability

Manufacturer's Description

Divos 124 is designed specifically for washing of the membranes, resistant to high temperatures and of solutions with a high pH, ​​for example ceramic membranes and nano- and ultrafiltration. Means, used in the brewing and dairy production, but it is also effective in the pharmaceutical industry and in the manufacture of soft drinks.Divos 124 creates a strongly alkaline environment, thereby efficiently removes all types of organic contaminants, prevents the formation of salts of plaque deposits in hard water, emulsified grease.Composition: sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide.