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Light switches (metal)


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Light switche


Corrosion resistance Abrasion Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

With the aid of chemical nanotechnology and innovative thin film technology, EPG is capable of achieving new product qualities. We create surfaces with completely new and outstanding characteristics, which can be manufactured for you in industrial series production in a specifically customised way.
In contrast with organic coatings such as standard paints, the “high-tech” coatings offered by EPG are characterised by a high proportion of inorganic ingredients such as glass or ceramics. This unique combination produces mixed systems comprising both inorganic and organic components. With these “hybrid” coatings, it is possible to create extremely attractive characteristics profiles and/or combinations of properties. You can gain competitive advantages as a result of the combination of the hardness (scratch resistance, resistance to abrasion) of glass and ceramics with the flexibility (formability) of organic paints.The traditional way of doing this is with powder coatings or a polymer coating applied in thick layers. But when these thick layers are added, these metals tend to lose their typically metallic appearance (or metallic finish).
The thin film technology offered by EPG makes it possible for you to retain the 100 % metallic look of the surface through transparent protective layers. Thanks to our innovative thin film technology, these layers are hardly noticeable, and yet at the same time, the metal is ideally protected. There are numerous different possible areas of use for such finishes, whether in automobile production, architectural applications or for household uses.